A downloadable game for Windows

Hi, and thanks for showing interest in, and hopefully playing my game. 

This is my first ever game jam game and I've chosen to try and encapsulate the feeling of working for a professional services agency, the ups and downs and relentless pressure to keep delivering great work. Prioritising key clients, juggling priorities and just trying to keep your head above water.

Key features:

- drag boxes into slightly larger boxes

- panic as workloads become too much

- try to stay in control as much as possible

I'm a one-man team - all code is done by me but music and imagery has been taken from various sources; attributions in the supplied txt file.

I'd really appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. The game isn't necessarily designed to be 'fun', I had more of an eye on the theme which pushed me away from something that was enjoyable - but I hope you get 'something' from it.

Sorry about the bugs!


Professional Services Treadmill - GMTK 2020.zip 38 MB


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An interesting idea for a game.

Certainly stress inducing XD

Great job on the presentation, I dig the efficient graphic design and the sound track is nice easy listening. 

Thanks very much for playing and feeding back :)

Thanks to everyone who is viewing this page - please do give it a try :)